Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage: Seen Through the Character of God and the Mind of Jesus


“My mission has been and continues to be discovering what the Scriptures really say – not what I have previously believed or presently prefer.” ~ Dr. Jerry Jones, from the Introduction.

For the past 20 years, Lynn and I have been involved in strengthening marriages through our “Marriage Matters” conferences. Almost daily our work brought us into the lives of men and women trying to make godly choices in their lives, and several years ago I realized my need to restudy the complex issue of marriage and divorce. Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage: Seen Through the Character of God and the Mind of Jesus is the end result of my pursuit to better understand the teaching of scripture on this issue. Certainly this book is not the ‘final word’ on the topic but will hopefully provide insights for future study. An accompanying study guide formatted for individual or group use is available through this website.

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Written to be a thorough treatise on the topic of marriage, divorce, and remarriage, the book begins with the definition of marriage as presented throughout the biblical text. Emphasis is placed on the Hebrew Bible as the backdrop for understanding the New Testament. Included within the contents is a detailed analysis of 1 Corinthians 7 followed by an explanation of the marriage and divorce texts in the synoptic gospels. The concluding section presents a paradigm of marriage, divorce, and remarriage centered on the character of God and the mind of Jesus whereby present day issues can be addressed.

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