Roman Catholicism and The Lord’s Supper – Pt. 2

Jones Deerstand picOne of the best resources on the celebration of the Lord’s Supper in the early church is the book by John Mark Hicks, Come to the Table.  It is certainly a must read for anyone who wants to research the topic.  Some of the information in this blog can be credited to that source.

Come-to-the-TableIn the example of the observance of the Lord’s Supper in the gospels, we find the  following: (a) people reclined around one table (Matt 26:20);  (b) it was done in the upper room (Luke 21:12);  (c) it was taken in context with a common meal , the Passover, (Matt 26:21, 26);  (d) it was taken with thanksgiving (Matt. 26:26);   (e) it was observed on a Thursday night (Matt 26:17);  (f) it involved twelve people (Matt 26:20).

In the first century church the Lord’s Supper was celebrated within the context of a common meal,  however this celebration was not without problems.  Some of the Christians did not wait for others to share the meal (1 Cor 11:21, 33) and some drank too much (1 Cor 11:21).  The atmosphere was more celebrative than quiet and reverent. As the Passover celebrated the exodus from Egypt, the early church celebrated the life and ministry of Jesus (Acts 2:42) and their “exodus” from the world of darkness into the kingdom (Col 1:13).

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