Roman Catholicism and The Lord’s Supper – Pt. 1

Jones Deerstand picIt holds true—we each see the world through our own mental glasses. Experiences, chronological age, physical and mental health, and even genetics interact to form our perceptions of the world. Perhaps the Talmud states it best, “We do not see things as they are. 
We see them as we are.”

As we begin this study on the influence the Roman Catholic Church has had on the theology and practices of the church of Christ, several observations need to be made.

  1. A combination of information and experiences form the mental filter through which we each interpret life.
  2. It is easy to equate what we have done, especially for a long period of time, as the right way or as the only way.
  3. It is not easy and sometimes impossible to determine the original context of scripture.
  4. The passage of time and influence have a way of altering the original intent and meaning of an event; e.g., Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter.

Even though it in inevitable that my comments will be influenced to some degree by my own perceptions, it is my prayerful intent to remain true to the text in content and meaning. [Read more…]